Today is Liz’s birthday and its days like today that cause me to pause and think about the wonderful woman I married. I didn’t know when I married her 14 years ago, that she would become a super hero of a mother. I fell in love with her because she was beautiful inside and out but I didn’t know underlining that beauty was an amazing strength to endure life’s disappointments. and difficulties. I wanted to spend all my time with her because she was my soulmate but I didn’t know of her capacity for love as she is able to love her family with a sacrificial love that makes each of us feel special. I knew she was a talented capable woman but I didn’t know she would become the greatest multitasker that I have ever met-juggling all things children, working part time, loving me and holding our home together through tough times. I knew she was rooted in her faith in God but I didn’t know her faith would be tested like it has been and she would remain faithful. I knew I was lucky to marry her but I just didn’t know how lucky I truly was.

I knew she would be a great partner in this life but I didn’t know she would become my hand to hold, shoulder to lean on, and that I would find solace in her embrace in life’s most difficult circumstances.

I knew there was something different about her but I didn’t know she would make all the difference in my life.

If I had more friends, I’d throw a banquet in her honor, if I had more money I’d buy her a mansion, if I had more time I’d give her every moment, if I had more words to describe her I’d use them, if I had more popularity I’d use it to proclaim how amazing she is, if I had a brush to take away the pain and fears of this life I would. She deserves the best of this life in every way. A blog post doesn’t do justice to this amazing woman, my soulmate, my best friend, the best mother to our girls, and the best special needs mother on the planet.

I love you, Liz. I can’t give you the world but I have given you my heart and in the end that’s all you have ever asked for anyway. Happy Birthday!

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