1. Addie is the most amazing blessing. She is beautiful, loving and a gift to everyone she meets. She is blessed with a loving caring family that gives unconditionally. Smiles, Mrs. Randall

  2. I think it is wonderful that you are sharing this difficult and amazing journey you’ve had and sharing the beautiful light that Addie is to the world. I know God has a plan in all things and I am sure he is using this blog already to impact others. I know it was part of His plan for my life to have the pleasure of working with Addie and I continue to be inspired and amazed by the beautiful blessing that she is. Thank you for being so brave and so invested that you would take the time and energy to create such a wonderful resource for others. And what a wonderful way to showcase your spectacular daughter! She is special and brave and motivated and strong and feisty and determined. I am awestruck by her just about every day that I spend with her. I look forward to hearing more!

    1. Jenny, thank you for your sweet post. You brought tears to both Liz and I. We probably don’t say it enough but thank you for all that you do for Addie. You have been a blessing to us in so many ways. I know Addie is not always the easiest to work with and she uses that feisty, determined spirit for her own mischievousness at times but thank you for loving her and bringing light into her life. Addie has been so very fortunate to have you. She continues to amaze us by doing things that you have taught her. We never truly know this side of heaven the impact that we make on others but know for Addie you have been life changing.

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